Cover Letter

This is from a cover letter from a few years ago.

So it's a little outdated, but the background info about me is still accurate...

Attention: Hiring Manager

I am looking for a new job within Seattle (close to home). Here's a bit more about me...

After graduating high school, I accumulated over ten years of Customer Service experience working in a variety of industries and work environments, such as:

  • Point-of-sale positions in fast food, local cinema theaters and hotel front desk service.
  • Public-facing high-volume call centers at Verizon’s and
  • Business-to-business window manufacturing Customer Call Center, managing six-figure quotes & orders for government-funded Sound Control (airport noise reduction) projects.
  • Public-facing floor staff (“Minions”!) in high-volume Emerald City ComiCon events.

My success in these Customer Service roles has led to greater responsibilities, such as:

  • Holiday Day Inn Hotel & Conference Center Night Auditor - auditing five departments nightly; Manager On Duty.
  • Pay-per-click Internet Advertising & SEO for business clients of Verizon’s directory site.
  • Business Development Associate for PSI’s construction materials testing & inspection laboratory in Seattle, where my work (including writing persuasive Letters of Interest, Statements of Qualifications, Staff Resumes, Price Quotes and Proposals) resulted in company prosperity, such as selection by the University of Washington for a multi-year, multi-million dollar Biotechnology Lab construction project.
  • Marketing Support and Internet Advertising for a Gig Harbor small business real estate investor & consultant.
  • Account Management for a Tukwila small business startup, developing new business across multiple states, creating and managing online advertising campaigns for professional auto dealerships of the Northwest.

My passion for gaming eventually led to over six years of Quality Assurance Video Game Testing experience, Black Box and Grey Box testing, at clients such as Microsoft, Nintendo of America and WB Games. You’re welcome to review a detailed list of game projects I’ve worked on at my personal website at

The trust engendered by my reliable work ethic also led to professional work in social media, such as:

  • Nintendo of America’s “Sky Marshall” team of Miiverse administrators - ensuring a safe, family-friendly social space for all ages.
  • Emerald City ComiCon’s volunteer Digital Content Team - running ECCC’s Facebook page during the 2014 3-day event.
  • Administrating the web site, Facebook presence and other social media content for volunteer-run grassroots public radio station KBFG 107.3 FM every week for a year; you can learn more about that at

My professional background inevitably involved clerical experience with fax machines, copiers, printers, the Microsoft Office suite (mostly Word, Excel and Outlook), and routers. My data entry speed starts at 65 WPM. I have frequently trained new hires on nearly every job, and I am accustomed to being a “go-to guy” when new staff needs help with anything.

Despite all the office work, I am not afraid of physical labor, such as:

  • Annual business-wide inventories and daily project team inventories in high security facilities.
  • Working as a Night Picker (warehouse order fulfilment) for Costco back in the 1990s – using manual & electric pallet jacks, sometimes manually hauling loads of up to 1,000 pounds.
  • Recently working in Blue Nile’s Shipping Department – packaging hundreds of orders daily in a fast-paced environment, with some orders valued up to $100,000 each, standing on my feet the entire shift.
  • Lifting/pressing loads of 50+ pounds regularly, and 100+ pounds as needed.

I care about my team and about people in general. That’s why some of my spare time has been invested in:

  • Red Cross certification for
    • First Aid
    • CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and Healthcare Provider
  • Volunteer classes with the City of Seattle’s Office of Emergency Management, such as
    • SNAP Earthquake Preparedness
    • Light Search & Rescue.

If this is not enough information, contact me for my resume as it has more details. Let me know if you need a mature, responsible person on your team.


Rex Young


"All will be revealed." - Andy Kaufman

Want my current resume? You gotta ask.

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Greenwood / Bitter Lake Neighborhood
Seattle, Washington

Attention: Headhunters/Recruiters

Sometimes short-term employment is exactly what some folks need.

Hiring entire departments full of hundreds of "Perma-temps" year after year, is something else entirely.

If you are only offering temporary/contractor employment, then please be prepared to answer the question,

"How many years do you or your client intend to stay in business?"

The "gig" mentality of project-to-project employment has no future.

Short-changing the future of America's workers is bad for everybody.

Being a "Perma-temp" is not a career.

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