Random Cosplay

Random photos of folks around town in costume.

Chinatown Street Musician

This video was taken of a busker in front of Seattle's Chinatown Gate during the Lunar New Year Festival of 2016. I do not know his name, but he's a nice guy and a good musician. I've also seen him play in front of the Pacific Place Mall.

Emerald City ComiCon Cosplay

There are two mannequins hidden amongst the cosplayers. Can you find them?

"All will be revealed." - Andy Kaufman

More amateur photography to come.

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Greenwood / Bitter Lake Neighborhood
Seattle, Washington

Attention: Headhunters/Recruiters

Sometimes short-term employment is exactly what some folks need.

Hiring entire departments full of hundreds of "Perma-temps" year after year, is something else entirely.

If you are only offering temporary/contractor employment, then please be prepared to answer the question,

"How many years do you or your client intend to stay in business?"

The "gig" mentality of project-to-project employment has no future.

Short-changing the future of America's workers is bad for everybody.

Being a "Perma-temp" is not a career.

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